Sunday, August 3, 2008

Viet Bistro

Tonight, for dinner, we went to Viet Bistro at Eden Center. Eden Center is a huge Vietnamese complex out in 'burbs and where Mr. BW and I go for Vietnamese!

We started with the vietnamese spring rolls and also an order of fresh spring rolls.

Mr. BW and I decided to go simple tonight and get our old standby, the grilled pork vermicelli.
SIL BW had the grilled pork + shrimp + fresh egg roll vermicelli. SIL BW had a bad vietnamese experiences when she was in college and has not been a fan since. She heartily enjoyed her meal tonight and hopefully this signifies a turning point in her Vietnamese food enjoyment!
Brother BW ordered the lemongrass beef, which, strangely enough, he did not offer to share. It must've been delicious, because he slurped it right up!
We also ordered the Carmel Fish to share. Mr. BW has ordered it before and we enjoyed it greatly, but none of us were willing to commit to it for our entree. It was so tasty, I ended up eating most of the Carmel Fish and saving my vermicelli to bring to work for lunch tomorrow.

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