Monday, July 28, 2008


On Friday night, Mr. BW and I went out to dinner with my brother who is in town for a conference. Earlier that afternoon, Mr. BW sent me a list of recommended places to eat that he's quickly compiled using our nifty membership. I quickly zeroed in on Mourayo because of its central location (Dupont Circle), interesting cuisine (Greek), and my recent hunkering for seafood.

The pita-esque bread for dipping in olive oil was divine.
Mr. BW ordered the Ouzo Meze - an assortment of seafood appetizers (see remnants above). I'm not a fan of octopi and other assorted sea creatures, so I had only a piece of shrimp, but Mr. BW and my brother are great fans!

I ordered one of the special appetizers, the crab meat in phyllo dough. It was so delicious, I didn't think to take a photo until we'd already gobbled it up.
My brother went with the salted cod - "Bakaliaros Skordalia" - which was by far my favorite of all the entrees on the table. I love dining with family, because we always sample and share.
I'm a glutton for scallops and the "Htenia me Menta" did not disappoint. Mr. BW thinks this was the best entree on the table because there are few more simple joys in life than a perfectly done scallop.
Mr. BW ordered the monkfish on recommendation of our waiter. It was a tie between this and the John Dory fish. We all enjoyed his entree which was good, but unlike the other two, was not great.
The photo is bad, but the restaurant is tastefully done in a nautical theme. The waiters are even wearing cute uniforms!
Dessert was walnut cake. Okay to eat, but not wonderful.
Mr. BW ordered the greek yogurt, honey, and walnuts, which was delicious! But then again, I regularly have greek yogurt, honey, and some kind of nut (usually slivered almonds) for breakfast.

Our meal was delightful and Mr. BW and I will definitely be going back. It's an older crowd so there's not so much of the Dupont Circle hubbub, even on a Friday night, and the food is excellent.

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