Friday, July 25, 2008

Dino Restaurant

On Wednesday night after my facial, Mr. BW and our neighbor met me at Dino. Unfortunately for us, the heavens decided to open up right as we had reached the Cleveland Park metro area and so all three of us were drenched by the time we finally were settled in our seats.

After a quick browse at the menu, we decided to start with the "wine wednesday" special ~ 3 wines and an appetizer trio for $25.

They served, not surprisingly, three tasty italian wines. The first was poured into our glasses for us, with the other two to await patiently for their turn. I did not take a picture of the menu and it's not listed online, so I have no idea what the wines were (although the website does say they were from Montalcino). They were yummie though!

The appetizer trio was slightly disappointing. Starting from the top center: some sort of frittata with egg and mushroom, which was not delightful, but that may be because we were already cold and wet, so we desperately wanted something warm. Then, chicken pate on toast (delicious), some raw veggies for dipping in the balsamic reduction (center), and finally, three cheeses. By the time we'd shivered our way through the appetizers and most of our wine, so we decided against ordering entrees and to just head home instead. We got home and enjoyed two more bottles of wine (hey, the power went out temporarily, what else were we to do?) between the three of us. Needless to say, it was a bit too much wine for Mr. BW and myself especially in light of the minimal amount of food consumed. So, we had a few glasses of water and went to bed.

I would definitely try Dino again, especially during their special prix fix menu deals. It's a small, quaint little restaurant that definitely has a "family run" feel. And I love me that hearty italian dining. The "Wine Wednesday" special is definitely a deal to be had. The $25 price tag is imminently reasonable, basically, they're charging for the cost of the wine and giving out the appetizers for free. Had we ordered entrees (~ $20~$30/each), we could have continued to enjoy our wine and the total bill would have been around $50~$60/person, which is not terrible for a nice hearty italian meal with three wines to boot.

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