Sunday, August 3, 2008

Middleton Tavern (Annapolis)

On Saturday, we went to Annapolis with Brother and SIL BW. Mr. BW had been to Annapolis before with his brother, and had eaten at Middleton Tavern, which he insisted, has the best crab cakes around. We spent a few hours walking around and window shopping, slowly making our way to the restaurant. On the way there, we saw a very stylish dog.
When we reached Middleton Tavern, I knew our crab cakes were going to be good. The building is a historic tavern/boarding home.
The food was so good, that I, unfortunately, forgot to take any pictures once it arrived. Because we had had a large breakfast, Mr. BW and I ordered the cold seafood martini, an order of crab balls, and the warmed goat cheese to share. Everything was amazing. Brother and SIL BW ordered the crab cake sandwich and an order of crab balls to share. The crab balls and crab cakes are the same recipe, but the balls are simply 1oz balls, as opposed to 4oz cakes. They come either fried or broiled, and the broiled is definitely the way to go. Just enough filler to keep the cake together and perfectly seasoned. Mr. BW and I will definitely be returning.

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