Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Homecooked Mr. BW Meal

Tonight, after getting home from the gym, Mr. BW whipped up the following.
Pasta in spicy vodka cause and breaded pan fried chicken with fresh grated parm. There were any number of great things about this meal. First, we had all the ingredients already and were even able to finish up both the bread crumbs and the pasta sauce so less clutter in our cupboards and fridge! Second, the entire meal, from start to finish, took approximately 30 minutes. Third, I whipped up the following salad which was a perfect accompaniment to our main course:
Fresh tomatoes from our small urban garden, walnuts, artichoke hearts, and cheese smuggled in from Switzerland by our neighbor! (Just kidding all you wanna be ICE agents out there ~ he DID declare it on customs). Our salads always wear homemade dressing and tonight's outfit was my standard salt + vinegar + evoo + vinegar with a twist! For vinegar, I used sauvignon vinegar that we purchased last November after tasting it at Pasolivo.

Dinner was quick, satisfying, and inexpensive. We also cleaned up immediately after finishing dinner, instead of prolonging the pain, which means we're now finishing up our bottle of Italian pinot noir while watching the Olympics!

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