Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bezu - Potomac

Tonight, Mr. BW and I ventured out to Potomac, to dine at Bezu. Mr. BW read about Bezu online somewhere and asked that I make reservations during Restaurant Week so that we could try it out, without spending beau coup bucks to do so. It was work every penny and both of us agreed that we will definitely be going back.

Do not be turned off by its bland strip mall location.Fried beggar's purse with kobe beef, compliments of the chef. Served with a very tasty aioli sauce. Both of us gobbled it up. Unfortunately, the tray full of beggar's purses that I was secretly hoping for never arrived.
For Restaurant Week, Bezu was offering a three choices for each course. Mr. BW selected the calamari, which he said was delicious.
I went went the seasonal salad, which was also quite tasty. The warm goat cheese and poached pears were a refreshing start to the meal to come.
I couldn't resist -- I ordered the Fuzu rice noodles course. An interesting twist on traditional asian rice noodle dishes -- this one included shrimp, chicken, and scallops with snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts and onions! And black sesame seeds on top! A distinctly asian taste, but also just different enough to be unlike anything I had ever tasted before.
Mr. BW ordered the ginger crusted skate, which he enjoyed immensely.

After our server complimented us on our incredibly clean plates, he brought us our dessert selections. Mr. BW ordered the rice pudding.
I ordered the mango beignet, which was also delicious.
To accompany our meal, we ordered the 2006 Cambria Viogner. The last time Mr. BW and I were wine tasting in Santa Barbara, we tried to go to Cambria but could not find it. A series of very confusing signs, dead ends, and other available and readily marked vineyards thwarted our attempts to visit the winery, which is one of the few more widely distributed Santa Barbara wineries. Luckily for us, Bezu's wine mark up was not that bad, particularly if ordering off-the-beaten path wines (which is to say that the price for the oft-ordered and well-known veuve clicquot was a hearty 3x what you'd pay at the store). Anyhow, our wine was reasonably priced and next time we visit Bezu, we'll be sure to go on a Monday, where all bottles of wine are 1/2 off. Yes, you heard me. Go. Visit. Order wine.

See the Post's review dated February 22, 2007, auspicious, sayeth Mr. BW whose birthday happens to fall on the 22nd.

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