Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tackle Box (Georgetown)

Last night, we went to the Tackle Box at 32nd and M.

The ambiance: Designed to make you think you're in New England, but not quite there. First off, the restaurant is located in the heart of Georgetown, so it's very hard to go from bustling chic urban shopping area, to rustic and New England. Also, the air conditioning was either broken, not on, or not powerful enough. While the authentic buoys (purchased off ebay, I hear) hanging in the corners helped some, the contrast between inside and out was too much for this former New Englander.

The food: abundant and plentiful. I had the lobster roll with came with a healthy helping of tasty french fries ($19). Mr. BW had the fried scallops which came with grilled corn and a side salad ($13). We also got an order of calamari + spicy marinara to start. I had no qualms with the food, but my two dining companions were non-plussed. And by non-plussed, I mean, would not go again. Also, what piqued my interest initially was the promise of delicious pie, from former pasty chef at Citronelle.Mr. BW is a huge fan of pie and well, hands down his mom makes the best pie known to earth. He took one look at the purportedly fresh blueberry pie and decided to pass. So, no verdict this time, but he's eaten his fair share of delicious pie in his lifetime so that's sure to mean something.

The seating: casual seating on picnic tables. I like this in theory, but poorly executed given the location. See "The Ambiance"

Suggestions for improvement: crank up the a/c and rush the liquor license. Nothing screams "I need beer" more than fried seafood.

Final grade: B

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