Sunday, August 3, 2008

Majestic Cafe (Alexandria)

After church this morning, the crew headed over to Alexandria to do some window shopping and to just enjoy our leisurely Sunday afternoon. After a few hours of moseying around, we headed over to the Majestic Cafe, where we had reservations for lunch. Mr. BW's co-worker, who lives in Annapolis, had recommended that we go for Nana's Sunday Dinner. This month, Nana's special was: buttermilk fried chicken, cole slaw, mac and cheese, and peach cobbler. Mr. BW loves buttermilk fried chicken, so we quickly made reservations. The food is served family style at $78 / 4 people. Additional persons are $25 / each.

We started with an order of fried green tomatoes (not pictured), which I had to order in addition to Nana's menu because they came with goat cheese and a corn/salsa dressing. So delicious. Would definitely go back and order again.

Mr. BW was concerned when the chicken came out so dark, that's usually a sign that the oil should be and hasn't been changed. Nonetheless it was tasty ~ very juicy and well done.

Mr. BW's plated meal (before the mac and cheese).

The glorious mac and cheese. I only ate one piece of chicken so that I could pick at the mac and cheese, which was
I am not a huge cobbler fan and this didn't really do it for me. Accordingly to Mr. BW, it's like no cobbler that he's ever had before. It's baked in an aluminim pie pan and there's a very pie like crust on the bottom ~ not biscuity like he's had it before. Nonetheless, the streusel and the peaches were very good, so all parties we happy.
The best part about The Majestic Cafe is that everything but the butter is made in their kitchen. Including the bread. Everything is fresh, they encourage local, and the menu prices are very very reasonable. Nana's Sunday Dinner is also a great concept, and one that we'll definitely be going back for, as the menus change every month. Reservations fill up quickly, so call early and go.

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